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Convict’s “Sky Blue” Childhood Warsman Nikolai…


Convict teams up with Five Star for the latest release in their Childhood Kinnikuman series

  • Size: 6″
  • Articulation: 4 points (waist, neck and arms)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $92 plus shipping
  • Warsman Nikolai comes cast in a blue sofubi for this latest release, coming with white and black masked sprays inspired by the Smurfs
  • Available via email lottery, interested parties are going to need to send the name of the product (NSC-CH CHILDHOOD WARSMAN NIKOLAI SKY BLUE VER.), their own name, Instagram name, country, address, phone number and PayPal address to between July 26th – July 27th Japan time

Zoomoth’s [SD Ver.] Rick keshi…


Zoomoth unveil their latest one day license keshi ahead of Wonderfestival Summer ’17 this weekend

  • Size: 2″ (TBC)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 3,000yen (TBC)
  • Taken from Namco’s Japan-only Splatter House Wanpaku Graffiti for the Famicom, [SD Ver.] Rick comes in-scale with Zoomoth’s previously released Takahashi Meijin
  • Comes cast in a keshi-style rubber. Colorways are still to be confirmed but flesh, orange, blue and green will be the most likely debut colors
  • Goes on sale at the Zoomoth Wonderfestival Summer 2017 booth on Sunday, July 30th

Alien Robot Monster’s “Zardan” Monsterex keshi…

Alien Robot Monster
‘s hugely popular keshi returns in a GI Joe inspired colorway this week

  • Size: 2.5″
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $30 plus shipping (TBC)
  • The two-headed monster – inspired by a long forgotten TMNT comic character – has been hand cast in a flesh-purple color changing keshi-style rubber inspired by the classic Zardan GI Joe figure
  • Going on sale in the ARM store next Monday, July 31st at 9am Pacific time (TBC)
  • Interested parties can try their luck at an early copy by entering the latest ARM competition. Details on how to enter can be found here

Heroboot’s CHODENGEKI debut…


Originally unveiled at the recent Nu-De Toy Salon, Heroboot‘s CHODENGEKI makes its debut this week

  • Size: 7″
  • Articulation: 6 points (head, arms, waist, legs) plus removable helmet that reveals a pilot
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $92 plus shipping
  • Designed and digitally sculpted by Heroboot, Chodengeki comes cast in a grey soft vinyl complete with masked black, blue, yellow, white, red and ivory sprays inspired by classic super ‘bots
  • Currently available via e-mail lottery, interested parties are going to need to give Heroboot a follow on Instagram right here, then send their name, Instagram/Facebook ID, telephone number, address, and PayPal address to before close on July 28th HK time

Awesome Toy’s Skull Bat 1st limited release…


Awesome Toy‘s Skull Bat receives its first limited colorway this week

  • Size: 11″
  • Articulation: 6 points (neck, collar, arms, legs), plus removable staff
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $120 plus shipping
  • Phantom Bat has been cast in a flesh soft vinyl, coming with white/blue/green sprays and a hand cut black vinyl cape inspired by a vintage Golden Bat illustration
  • Currently available via e-mail lottery, interested parties are going to need to send their name, address, telephone number, PayPal address and Instagram/Facebook ID (optional) to, being sure to include “Skull Bat 1st” in the subject header

Zhengyuxx’s Kookrrr debut…


Zhengyuxx‘s signature paper clay character finally makes the transition into sofubi this week

  • Size: 8.6″
  • Articulation: 7 points (horns, arms, waist) plus removable paper clay Baozoman head
  • Edition size: 13
  • Price: $150 plus shipping
  • Hand sculpted by Zhengyuxx, Kookrrr comes cast in a grey sofubi complete with purple and black sprays
  • Available via e-mail lottery until July 26th Japan time, intersted parties are going to need to send their name, address, telephone, Instagram ID and PayPal address, being sure to include “KOOKRRR” in the subject header

Siccaluna’s Space Monster P131 one-off sale…


Siccaluna‘s recently ressurected “Monsters of the World” series returns with another 2 one-offs this week

  • Size: 9.4″ each
  • Articulation: 6 points (neck, legs, tail)
  • Price: 20,000yen each plus shipping
  • Space Monster P131 [R.S.I.O] comes cast in sofubi and treated to layers of unique metallic sprays
  • Up for grabs via e-mail lottery until Midnight Japan time today (7/25), interested parties are going to need to send their preferred figure (A or B), their name, address, postal code and telephone number to, being sure to include「宇宙怪獣P131 [R.S.I.O] 購入希望」in the subject header