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Softoy Round-Up: Part 5…

TKOM’s Demogorgon #1 lottery

  • First online release of TKOM’s Demogorgon
  • Size: 8″
  • Price: 30,000yen
  • Cast in a milky vinyl with blue, green, yellow, orange, magenta and black sprays
  • Lottery open until Sunday, September 25th (23.59 Japan time)
  • Fill out the application form right here to enter


Aimodo’s Otomodachi of Yasuo Sufes 72 exclusive

  • Size: 4.5″
  • Price: 4,500yen
  • Cast in a deep blue soft vinyl with red and silver sprays
  • Comes with detachable arms (new replacement hands will also be available)
  • Available at Aimodo’s Sufes 72 booth this Sunday, September 25th


Kaiju TAN’s “Freddy” Mimi Monster lottery

  • Price: TBC
  • Keep track of Kaiju TAN’s Instagram feed right here for details on how to enter the lottery at some point today (9/24)


Kenth Toy Works’ “Space Knight Connell” at Sufes 72

  • The debut of Kenth Toy Works’ new sofubi, Space Knight Connell, based on TAG’s Phuntsy
  • Size: 8.5″
  • Color: Unpainted “Vampire” light purple
  • Price: 15,000yen
  • Going on sale at Kenth Toy Works’ Sufes 72 booth this Sunday, September 25th
  • Find out more info on Sofvi Tokyo right here


Newtervision’s “Toxie” Mighty Mashroom sofubi at Sufes 72

  • The debut of Newtervison’s first ever sofubi based on his ongoing keshi line Mighty Mashroom
  • Produced in an unpainted “Toxie” green sofubi w/light tan accessories
  • Size/Price: TBC
  • Going on sale at the Bad News Rad Uncles booth this Sunday, September 25th


Pop Soda x Rampage Toys Kessagake

  • Size: 11″
  • Price: 30,000yen
  • Cast in a hot pink soft vinyl with metallic purple sprays and a handmade cloak from Pop Soda
  • Going on sale at the Pampag Toys booth at Sufes 72 this Sunday, September 25th

Softoy Round-Up: Part 4…


WF exclusive Cure x Mishka x Grody Shogun Boogie Man lottery

  • Featuring Cure’s Boogie Man body and Mishka’s Keep Watch head
  • Marbled in neon green/pink/black sofubi with silver paint an yellow vinyl cape
  • Originally on sale exclusively at Wonderfestival
  • Price: $200 plus shipping
  • To enter, send your full name, shipping address and PayPal address to amy@lulubelltoys.com, being sure to include “WF Boogie Man Lottery” in the subject header
  • Lottery open now until Monday, September 26th at Noon Pacific Time

Plaseebo x PLT Toy’s “Blood Majin From Outer Space” one-off

  • Mash-up of the PLT Toys Blood Maijin and a resin cast alien head from Plaseebo
  • Painted by Plaseebo in neon Monster Kolor sprays
  • Fitted with a remote controlled 3-LED multicolor mini lamp unit mounted in the head that comes with a with a 21 key multi-function remote controller with 13 selectable colors and 2 different modes
  • Going on sale right here on Tuesday, September 27th

BigManToys x Creature Fasctory’s MUSCLE Kombat and Robokeshi 2-pack

  • The first in the pair’s ongoing 16BK (16 Bit Keshi) line
  • MUSCLE Kombat digitally sculpted by BigManToys
  • Robokeshi digitally sculpted by Creature Factory
  • Produced in a flesh keshi-style rubber by BigManToys as well as one-offs in resin
  • Price: $25 for the flesh 2-pack, and $14 each for the resin one-offs
  • Going on sale right here on October 1st, Midnight London time, 19:00 EDT

Softoy Round-Up: Part 3…


Samurai Doll Sufes 72 release

  • Samurai Doll presents 2 new colorways of their flagship sofubi inspired by Kikaider (red/blue/gold) and Lupin the Third’s Zenigata (red/gold/black)
  • Edition size/price TBC
  • Available at the Samuari Doll Sufes 72 booth (D16-17) on Sunday, September 25th
  • More info can be found here

Oltretomba’s debut sofubi revealed

  • Size: 12″
  • More info to come soon via the Oltretomba Instagram feed here


Comet Debris’ Sufes 72 exclusive Tofu Kid

  • Size: 4.5″
  • Cast in a marble green and glow soft vinyl
  • Price: 3,000yen
  • Available at the Comet Debris Sufes 72 booth on Sunday, September 25th with leftovers available here soon after
  • Look out for more Comet Debris exclusives soon!


Gargamel/Mitari’s Armored Trooper Voltoms: Series 2 keshi

  • Size: 2.5″
  • 10 different types available
  • Available at the Gargamel Sufes 72 booth (I-1) on Sunday, September 25th and online via Instagram DM (@koji_gol_gargamel_mitari)
  • Price: TBC


Daniel Yu’s STGCC leftover sale

  • Friday, 23rd Sept, 11pm Singapore Time right here

Ready to ship items

  • 8.5″ vinyl Jiangshi Acolyte, painted by Shonside- $135 each
  • 8.5″ purple vinyl Jiangshi Acolyte – $85 each
  • 3.25″ resin Lunar Creep, painted by Shonside – $60 each

Pre-order items

  • 6″ resin Lunar Beast & 3.25″ Lunar Cleric- $300 per set
  • 4.25″ resin Octo Explorer (cacooca x Daniel Yu collab) – $135 each
  • 3.25″ resin Acorn Explorer (fufufanny x Daniel Yu collab) – $115 each
  • 3.25″ resin Jiangshi Acolyte – $82


Splurrt x Creation’s  Cinema Monster “绳艺” ver.

  • Cast in a flesh soft vinyl
  • Comes with unique metallic “split” paint app with bondage-style ropes courtesy of Creation
  • Keep track of release details right here

Uamou’s Ultra Uamou re-release

  • Gunmetal, Inverted and Black on White Ultrauamou have been re-released in the Uamou store right here
  • Price: 3,240yen each
  • Look out for the return of GID Big Uamou next Thursday, September 29th at 2pm Japan time (price TBC)
  • More info can be found here


The Convict x SpiceSeed’s Sufes 72 exclusive Childhood Warsman Nikolai

  • “Real Face” color version cast in a brown soft vinyl with white, silver and black sprays
  • Limited to 29 pieces
  • Price: 14,000yen
  • Available at the SpiceSeed Sufes 72 booth on Sunday, September 25th


Grumble Toy x Rampage Toys for the Rampage Studios Finale

  • Rampage Toys Ugly Unicorn, Cyclops Dinos and Bunnymen painted by Grumble Toy
  • Price: TBC
  • Available at the Rampage Studios Finale in Tokyo this Friday, September 23rd
  • Leftovers available right here at a later date

Softoy Round-Up: Part 2…


Uncut’s Evil Buster keshi debut

  • Designed and sculpted by Uncut’s Kotobuki Man based on Evil Dead 2’s Ash
  • Size: 2.5″
  • Price: 3,000yen (TBC)
  • Colors: Flesh, ???
  • Going on sale at the Bad News Rad Uncle Sufes 72 booth (B1-4) on Sunday, September 25th


CO.OC29’s “Metallic Peach” Gamarah Yokai Yu

  • Produced in a teal sofubi with metallic peach, purple and silver sprays courtesy of Bug0061
  • Comes with hand stitched neck tie
  • On sale in strictly limited numbers through the Yokai Yu store here (SOLD OUT)

Processed with Snapseed.

TTPaint x Kearjun “Purple Reign” Kella micro-run

  • Produced in a blue soft vinyl
  • Painted by Tru:Tek in metallic purple, pink, gold, black and white
  • Limited to 5 pieces
  • Price: 11,000yen
  • Going on sale at the Ramapge Toys Sufes 72 booth on Sunday, September 25th

Softoy Sofubi Insight: Part 2…

Processed with Snapseed.

So now that we’ve seen the iron molds in all their glory, next up is showing you guys the first process involved in getting there- making the wax casts! Using very similar techniques seen in resin and keshi casting, the sculpt is first molded in a silicone rubber with a few subtle differences, namely employing a huge pour spout to avoid any nasty bubbles without the aid of a pressure pot. Once this has been finalised, the wax is then poured, left to set and then pulled for a lengthy course of cleaning, re-sculpting and polishing- an extremely time consuming process that I’ve been attempting to get the hang of with the Sumoggubōru over the past couple of days! Next up, taking the wax to the factory for jointing…

Rampage Studios Finale exclusive reveals…


With the Rampage Studios Finale opening it’s doors in just a couple of days time now, owner Jon Malmstedt has very kindly allowed me to share a few of the exclusives that’ll be up for grabs! To find out more about the show (and how to purchase tickets if you’re in the Tokyo area), be sure to head over to his blog right here for a more detailed description of what’s going down… In the meantime, lets drool over all these awesome toys!

From top left; Rampage x Paul Kaiju Dual Bat paint run, Rampage x MVH one-off Alien Hunter DX (Hag DX to be held back for Sufes 72), assorted Rampage x Grumble Toy paint runs, Rampage x Galaxy People Cyclops Pterodactyl Sephlapod paint run, Rampage Toys and Splurrt Krono one-offs, Tru:Tek x Splurrt Cadaver Twin paint run


Softoy Sofubi Insight: Part 1

With the mold for my Oozeball sofubi being moved to the same factory I’m currently having both the Warui Zonbis and upcoming Sumoggubōru produced at, I was thankfully given the chance to get a look at it in-person today. Infinitely more substantial than the silicone molds I’m used to when producing keshi back in the UK, the piece (commonly refferred to here as a frying pan because of it’s similar shape and long handle) is made from iron using a lost wax technique that I’ll be sharing with you guys over the next few days. Having the thing in-hand has really helped to make me realise the sheer scale of sofubi production over standard casting techniques we usually see in the indie toy scene and more importantly, fully appreciate the time and care that’s put into these toys we all know and love… Next up, an insight into casting and preparing the wax!