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Peter Goral’s Killer Bootlegs

The bootleg toy industry has always been an area frowned upon by most collectors, with the results usually considered as cheap, shoddy knock-offs of our favourite figures created to fool us into parting with our hard earned cash. With the rise in popularity of the art toy scene, this stigma is slowly starting to change, with the likes of the Suck Lord (previously featured in the Tru:Teknology Files back in June) rising to fame with his successful Star Wars bootlegs including the now iconic pink ‘Gay Empire’ stormtrooper figurines.

Unlike the synical bootlegging that we still see today on the likes of eBay, this new wave of artists are using original toy sculpts to create something new and innovative. Whilst the results are often crudely finished, the mix-match of colour and designs bring an interesting twist to the toys we love. One such emerging artist, Peter Goral from Killer Bootlegs, has piqued our interest for quite some time, distorting the likes of Boba Fett, He-man and even Disney’s Cinderella into beautiful, culturally relevant art works.

Since moving from a garage space into a proper studio back in June, Killer Bootlegs have been going from strength to strength, and whilst most of their output is still only available locally (largely due to legal reasons), the company is set for big things in the coming year. Their recent Budha Fett cast, an amalgamation of the happy Budha and Star Wars’ infamous bounty hunter is definitely one of our most loved designs; available in a wide selection of colour tints, we’re currently trying to twist Goral’s arm to send one over the pond!

Entitled ‘Dead Disney: Army of the Dead’, these translucent casts have been taken from a miniature Cinderella toy. All of the figures have been cast slightly differently, adding to their already immense charm.

Not all of Killer Bootlegs casts are taken from just one toy, some of their most successful creations, including the pictured Wookiewok and the ‘kit-bashed’ Bobba Fett/Anakin/Bo Jackson/He-man cross make use of numerous toy sculpts to wild effect.

As with most art toy bootleggers, Killer Bootlegs still use primitive casting techniques to create their suitably lo-fi feel. Lego bricks have been used here to create a negative mold of the iconic carbon Han Solo, with one striking difference- Fett’s head!

With a still yet unconfirmed date, Killer Bootlegs are gearing up for their latest installment of the Molded Heroes Saga, entitled ‘The Villains Strike Back’, an exhibition featuring their latest Star Wars creations, to be held at the Kryptonite Lounge, Rockford, IL.

For more information on Killer Bootlegs and their various toy lines, check their WordPress and Facebook sites here.

(photos- wheatstrawwars)


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