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America’s Back: Obama x Hulk sculpt from Ron English…

Recently revealed over at Clutter Magazine, America’s Back is the latest sculpture to come from Ron English. Coinciding with the release of his latest song (lyrics below) of the same name, there is no news as to wether the Obama x Hulk sculpt will ever make it to production- we’re keeping fingers and toes crossed, this could be the ultimate addition to anyone’s pop-centric toy collection!

Check out the link here to have a listen to the track…

Wall Street still runs on greed

The North still wants the South to secede

Justice swings from the Judas tree

Hope is still what the country needs


Turn the page, fade to black

Look out world, America’s back


Attack Iran, attack Iraq

Now we can’t put the toothpaste back

Back back back back

Who’s got your back?


The world got smaller, the world got flatter

The rich got richer, the poor got fatter

What does it prove, what does it matter

When the whole world’s mad as a hatter


Mind over matter, matter of fact

Mad as a hatter, to be exact

She’s back back back back back

America’s back


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