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MAN-E-NEWS// The Robot 13: COLOSSUS Kickstarter featuring mini-figures from Motorbot x Blacklist Studios…

Co-founder of Blacklist Studios, Thomas Hall, sent us over some rather interesting information regarding the studio’s latest Kickstarter project. Set up to fund a trade book edition of their first comic series, Robot 13:COLOSSUS, Blacklist are preparing a wide variety of extras for anyone interested in investing. As well as GID t-shirts, buttons, one-off sketches, and even featuring in the next story arc, Blacklist are offering a set of exclusive M.U.S.C.L.E inspired Robot 13 mini-figures to anyone who pledges $50 or more!

Sculpted and cast by MAN-E-TOYS favourite, Motorbot of Deadbear Studios, the series’ leading characters, Robot 13 and KING!, will sit alongside 4 other 2″ resin figures in either pewter or black colourways (depending on your pledge point). Each 6 pack will come bagged with a full colour header designed by Motorbot.

(preview photos of the R13 sculpt taken from Motorbot’s Instagram)

Thomas has also mentioned that the studio is currently working with Deadbear with regards to adding a limited bust of Robot 13 to the Kickstarter soon. The final sculpt for the figure has already been approved, so expect more info/pics in the coming days…


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