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MAN-E-NEWS// OMFG! series 2 from October Toys: vote now…

With the final submissions for OMFG! series 2 due a couple of weeks back, George Gaspar over at October Toys has finally managed to organise the staggering 461 entries ready for voting. Competition has been fierce this time around, with the dedicated thread holding well over 8 months and 140 pages of ideas, concepts, and wip sculpts from a wide variety of both established and up-and-coming artists. Anyone interested in voting should head over to the October Toys forum here, where you can make your choice of up to 5 submissions. Whilst all the entries are available to view together here (be patient, loading all 461 can take a while!), we’ve decided to give you a quick rundown of a few that caught our eye…

Voting end date will be determined and posted on the October Toys forum soon…


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