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MAN-E-NEWS// Robobunzilla And The Atomic Carrot by Plaseebo for the Bellicosity Show…

Bob Conge aka Plaseebo shares with us his entry for the upcoming Bellicosity Show at TAG next Friday (March 23rd), entitled “Robobunzilla And The Atomic Carrot”. Featuring the freaked-out character design and sculpting style we’ve come to expect from the legendary artist, Plaseebo’s Robobunzilla takes Nathan Hamill’s cute looking figure into the creepy realms of neo-kaiju to great effect. Coming with light effective LEDs in Robobunzilla’s eyes and in the clock of the Atomic Carrot, the beautifully hand sprayed design manages to pop in both light and dark. No news with regards to pricing on the one-off piece, so be sure to head over to TAG’s site after the show’s opening for more details…

“Robobunzilla is a bio-robotic bunny monster that gets his energy from the Atomic Carrot that he found in a landfill outside of Los Alamos, New Mexico in the 1950’s.  The energy is sent from the electro-transmission unit on the Atomic Carrot to the power receptor eyes on the Robobunzilla.”

“Here’s lookin at you kid”

Featuring a staggering list of the industry’s finest including A Little stranger, Cris Rose, J*Ryu, Jon Paul Kaiser, Julie West, Luke Chueh, Touma and Valley Dweller, Nathan Hamill’s Bellicosity: A Bellicose Bunny Custom Show will be running at the Toy Art Gallery from March 23rd to April 6th. Stay tuned next week for an in-depth reveal of what is gearing up to be the biggest custom exhibition this year…


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