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MAN-E-NEWS// The new ‘Gray’ Healeymade x MPH resin series…

Hot off the heals of last month’s sellout ‘Purple’ IG-Baba and Wilde figures, myplasticheart is proud to present the latest batch of Healeymade figures in a brand new exclusive ‘Gray’ colourway! This time expect to see the intricately cast, multi-pieced Wilde in 2 alternating gray and clear colourways, whilst the ‘Imperial’ editions of both Jin Baba and IG-Baba feature a new technique, mixing a splash of opaque white in a clear and gray resin. With prices set at $64.99 for the 2 Wilde variants, and $39.99 for Jin Baba and IG-Baba, expect these resin masterpieces to vanish soon after their release this Thursday (April 5th) on the myplasticheart store


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