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MAN-E-NEWS// Cyborg Space Barbarian ‘Gammathrall’ from Galaxxor creator Ben Spencer…

Following the reveal of Orion AxeHallogrimDrowlok and Wardraak over the past month, Galaxxor creator Ben Spencer is proud to present the fifth and final figure in the Cyborg Space Barbarian series, Gammathrall. Consisting of an expertly painted vintage MOTU body, with a horned-helmet sculpted by Ben and produced in resin by Marty “The Godbeast” Hansen, Gammathrall will be making his debut alongside the rest of General Gorgax’s henchmen at Nerd City’s C2E2 booth next week (April 13th). Priced at just $40 each, expect to see Galaxxor’s sworn enemies disappear quick!


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