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MAN-E-FEATURE// ‘Ed Skworm vs. Min-E-Face: Our debut resin mini figures coming soon!!!

[Above, ‘Ed Skworm & Min-E-Face WIP protos]

After several months on the drawing board, we can finally reveal to you the first of 2 incoming resin toy drops from us here at MAN-E-TOYS! Inspired by a love of classic 80’s toys and cartoons, our debut release will be coming in the form of a custom bootleg M.U.S.C.L.E ‘duel’ pack, featuring the evil ‘Ed Skworm vs. our very own hero, Min-E-Face!

With head sculpts and customization from our writer/artist Tru:Tek, production duties have been passed over to the über talented Steve Patt of Papagrim Toys, who is currently in the process of making molds for the 2 little guys (production photos to follow soon). Initially coming in 2 super-limited unpainted colourways, M.U.S.C.L.E flesh and Violet GID, we are currently in the process of securing a number of ‘MAN-E-TOYS featured’ artists for small painted runs- the first coming from the mighty Adam Pratt!

Coming bagged with trading card and header art from Tru:Tek, expect to see the pair drop on the newly opened MAN-E-TOYS store at the beginning of June. Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks, and be sure to follow us on twitter (@trutek) for a number of contests and giveaways in the build up to the drop…

[Above, ‘Ed Skworm & Min-E-Face WIP protos]


MIN-E-FACE// Cast aside from the MAN-E family at birth due to a rare defect that left him without the use of two of his faces, Min-E was kindly taken in by an NJPW wrestler who nurtured the otherworldly fighting skill that laid dormant inside the young boy. Sworn enemy of the Skworm (his estranged family’s closest ally), MIN-E is about to embark on his biggest quest yet- to rid the world once and for all of these putrid, sickly creatures and gain revenge on the family that once left him for dead!

‘ED SKWORM// Although one of the smallest species of [sick worm], the ‘Ed Skworm is widely known as the most brutal. Reported to be able to ingest a whole human head within 6.66 seconds, natives of the Stench (the Skworm’s most common hunting ground) have taken to wearing ‘Pepto-dysmal’ charms, the sorry beast’s only weakness, in a bid to stay alive. With a penchant for midget Japanese Pro wrestlers, our hero Min-E will have to watch his back or he’ll be losing the use of three faces instead of two!

[Above, ‘Ed Skworm & Min-E-Face WIP protos]

Incidently, the original Skworm design is set to become our second resin release at the tail end of June- more news on that next week!


2 responses

  1. Smudge

    If these do well, I’d love to see a run done in MUSCLE or Keshi rubber instead of resin.

    April 15, 2012 at 7:45 am

    • I spent ages deliberating about whether to get the pair cast in rubber- I’d love to see them in their intended medium, the prices were just too high for the first run (the rise in postage alone for the chemicals in the rubber is enormous!). I will definitely be considering it in the future… thanks for the interest!

      April 18, 2012 at 9:31 pm

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