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MAN-E-NEWS// The General Gorgax proto from Ben Spencer…

Making his long awaited debut at the Nerd City C2E2 booth last week, Galaxxor‘s arch nemesis Gorgax will finally be upon us soon! Designed and sculpted by Ben Spencer, and produced by Marty “Godbeast” Hansen, the resin prototype combines the recent Cyborg Space Barbarian horned head sculpt and MOTU inspired Galaxxor body to devestating effect. No news on pricing or availability yet, but Ben has stated that the initial release will keep the black/glitter/neon green paint scheme seen above, and will come in a limited edition of just 5 pieces. Expect a price similar to past Galaxxor releases…

Anyone disappointed in missing out on the awesome Cyborg Space Barbarians (I know I am!), will be glad to know that Ben has plans to release a few more sets on the Galaxxor store soon.


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