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MAN-E-NEWS// New Outer Space Men test shots from the Four Horsemen…

Action figure legends, the Four Horsemen, have just revealed test shots of the latest additions to the OSM (Outer Space Men) line, Orbitron, Gemini and their first Deluxe Outer Space Man, Cyclops! With only a few minor tweaks before final production, the Four Horsemen have stated that these will be ready for as soon as SDCC this year. The Alpha Phase wave that will hopefully be available at the con and through the Store Horsemen will be dropping in the following colours-

GEMINI:  Clear yellow with clear green ABS accessories & parts.

ORBITRON:  Clear pink with clear green ABS accessories.

CYCLOPS: Clear light blue with clear green ABS parts & accessories.

No news on pricing or availability, so stay locked on the Four Horsemen blog for more info in the coming weeks…

“…all in all we’re incredibly impressed with the level of these. They’re really beautiful and we were amazed at the heft of Cyclops when you hold him in your hand. As you can see from the photos below, he’s massive compared to the other OSM done so far. He’ll make a worthy adversary for the upcoming Colossus Rex for sure!” -Four Horsemen blog


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