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MAN-E-NEWS// The “Slash” custom Street Shark from Adam Pratt…

What with his stunning Candy Coated Custom Show entry, numerous commissioned projects, a micro resin drop and an upcoming blind boxed custom Android series, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Adam Pratt has little time for personal projects… but as you can see from his latest stunning piece, the “Slash” Street Shark custom, he always manages to squeeze in the odd self-indulgent custom here and there!

Remembered for their sheer bulkiness and size, the under-used Street Shark platform has proven to be an awesome canvas for Adam’s meticulous paint style, with a considered use of washes, weathering and fine detail really helping to elevate the action figure into the realms of art. Sadly, this guy has already been accounted for, but Adam plans to work on another of Dr Piranoid’s goons, Slobster, in the near future. Follow Adam on Instagram @monsters_eye for daily studio updates…


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