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MAN-E-NEWS// Plaseebo’s customs for the “BITS” show at Lot F Gallery…

Follow the reveal of both “HD2” and the “Toy Shrine” print series earlier in the week, Bob Conge aka Plaseebo kindly shares with us the 3 custom pieces that will be featuring at tomorrow’s “BITS” show at Lot F Gallery (find out more here)…

Mickeybabypuppy// First up comes Plaseebo’s collaboration with the mysterious Kaiju Coup… Entitled “Mickeybabypuppy”, the super-creepy hand cast resin figure features the body of Coup’s Warui Inu dog, with the head of Plaseebo’s Mickey/Doll hybrid! Hand sprayed and painted in a suitably garish palette, the figure even comes with its own velvet collar.

Daigomi// Next up we have the stunning Daigomi custom… Cast in clear vinyl by Brian Mahony for the Guumon series, this stunning slab of neo-kaiju has been fitted with internal LED lighting plus a selection of neon pink and green guts. Coming expertly finished with a mixture of black, red and yellow sprays, this guy is truly breathtaking!

BITS Mascot// Lastly we bring you the “BITS Mascot”… Appointed as the face for the show, this freaked-out piece has been roto-cast in resin, leaving space inside for another wild LED unit! Featuring Plaseebo’s trademark blend of dolls, monsters and found objects, the one-off piece comes in a strangely alluring mixture of peach, mint and purple sprays…

Lot F Gallery Presents Bits
Bob Conge, Todd Robbertson, William Long
Opening reception: Friday, May 4th, 7.00pm-11.00pm

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