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MAN-E-NEWS// Custom Cosmic Squadron from Max Toy’s Mark Nagata…

Swiftly following last month’s awesome Todd Robertson collaboration, the Cosmic Squadron are back… this time at the hands of Max Toy‘s Mark Nagata! Revealed on his Twitter feed yesterday, the set of four vinyl figures have been painted in Nagata’s unmistakable “galaxy” style, featuring other-worldly airbrushing, meticulously brushed facial detailing and subtle additions including cigarettes and battle scarring which really help to make the pieces pop. No news on release or pricing as of yet, so be sure to stay locked on the Cosmic Squadron blog, and creator Matt Walker’s Twitter feed for details in the coming weeks…

Mark Nagata’s custom Eyezon for Monster Mayhem at FOE Gallery//

As promised earlier in the week, we bring you yet another reveal from the FOE Gallery’s Monster Mayhem show, Mark Nagata’s custom Eyezon! Featuring hand crafted guts and removable chest plate, the beautiful piece has been airbrushed and painted by Mark in a number of Monster Kolor paints. No news on pricing, but Mark has stated that the figure will only be available to those who attend the event- so be sure to head down!

Running from May 11th – June 3rd at Western Massachusetts’ FOE Gallery, Monster Mayhem is set to featuring the weird and wonderful creations of Brian MahonyBob Conge/PlasseboMonster WorshipJames GromanKoji HarmonElegabMiles NielsenMichael Nordstrom,Ricky Wilson/VelocitronMartin OntiverosBob EggletonMichael SkattumEric TalbotJoe Merrill/SplurrtDennis Hamann/Shirahama,Steven ErstMark NagataPaul KaijuStephen BlickenstaffMark Masztal, and Michael Bracco/Spaghetti Kiss.


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