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MAN-E-NEWS// Trimentional Viewer teasers from Cris Rose…

Keep an eye on your robot with your personal Trimentional Viewer”

Anyone following the newly opened Cris Rose Instagram account will have noticed several interesting photos from his latest project, the Trimensional Viewers! Little is known about the project yet, but as you can garner from the above shots, the release is set to feature a scaled down version of Cris’ popular Sprog bots (around 2/3 the size), housed in a beautiful clear dome and suitably weathered base. No news as of yet with regards to pricing or edition size, but expect these wonderful resin creations to hit the Cris Rose store at some point this week.

Alongside the Trimensional teasers, Cris has also revealed several tentative images under the title “Dreams in Focus”. Combining his passion for both photography and customisation, it appears that he is working on a custom built vintage camera! Clearly displaying the distinctive Cris Rose crown and the number 12 in roman numerals, we can but wonder what this awesome project will entail. Stay tuned for more news on both the Trimensional Viewers and “Dreams in Focus” as soon as it hits…


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