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MAN-E-NEWS// The H.A.C.K “Otherworld Aliens” custom keshi from Amerikaiju…

Continuing our look at the M.U.S.C.L.E/keshi scene in the lead up to the release of ‘Ed Skworm vs. Min-E-Face, we bring you the latest project from Amerikaiju, the H.A.C.K (Handmade American Custom Keshi) “Otherworld Aliens” 3 pack! Standing at just 2-2.5″, the stunning kaiju inspired monsters have been cast in an authentic keshi-style urethane rubber. Coming in an 80’s inspired pink (we’re unsure as to whether other colours are available at present), the 3 figures can be yours for just $25 plus shipping over at the Amerikaiju store. As a bonus, anyone who picks up the current batch will also receive a mysterious, bonus, blind bagged, ubermini figure! Stay tuned for more news on this promising series soon…

Mag Malicious// The living Volcano! This guy is always ready to erupt so watch out for this ill tempered “hot” head!

The Mysterious Mas Mano// This guy is way more than a handfull, so don’t underestimate his abillity… despite his looks he’s far from all thumbs!

CySquatch// Only one eye, but all Monster! The hairy beast from the nether regions of space is the most elusive of all! Not only is he imposing in size and strength, he’s nie unphotographable… so be on the lookout!


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