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MAN-E-NEWS// Rampage Toys’ Wild Cat Ugly Unicorns and Buffalo Manotaur for ‘Pandemonium’…

Fresh from his appearance at Design Fiesta a couple of weeks back, Jon over at Rampage Toys has once again been preparing another breathtaking batch of customs, this time for the upcoming Pandemonium “Land Animal” themed show at the prestigious One Up shop in Akihabara (Tokyo). So far Jon has revealed 4 pieces that will be featuring, the monstrous “Hot Headed Buffalo” Manotaur, and, ranking alongside our favourite Ugly Unicorn customs yet, the beautiful Wild Cat UU’s! Coming in 3 one-off designs; Leopard, Lion and Tiger, the UU’s feature a beautiful combination of brown, sand, orange and white sprays, coupled with meticulous brush detailing (check out the hairs on the Lion’s back, stunning!). Unfortunately, due to the limited nature of these runs, it’s doubtful that these will be offered up on the Rampage store… so here’s keeping our fingers crossed that Jon will make some more in the (not to distant) future!


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