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MAN-E-NEWS// Custom “Dia de los Muertos” Skull melts from Monsterarm…

As mentioned in our coverage of the “Melt Wizards” earlier this week (find out more here), we’ve been given the honour of working with Monsterarm (aka Honkeylips) on a very special run of “Dia de los Muertos” Skull melts! A batch of three aluminium skulls touched down in the US yesterday, with Monsterarm wasting no time in getting to work on them… as you can see from the shots sent over today, these guys are already bearing all the hallmarks of a stellar Monsterarm series! Stay tuned for a full reveal next week, and in the mean time, head over to the Monsterarm store, where an staggering selection of customs are available to purchase, including the Hello Kitty Melt Monster,  Poopies series, plus the awesome Ice Scream Man Melts featuring Bryan Brutherford’s (unreleased!) mini Ice Scream Men…


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