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MAN-E-NEWS// Custom painted NillaKeshi Splatterhouse Rick from I.Designs…

In lieu of securing Eric Nilla’s SD Splatterhouse Rick for a MAN-E-TOYS exclusive (find out more here), we’ve decided to take a little look at the awesome custom I.Designs (Imperfecz Toys) created a while back. Fetching a hefty $50 on a recent Litte Rubber Guys auction thread, I.Designs has stayed true to the original video game inspiration, decking Rick out in meticulously detailed blue jeans, a suitably stained and weathered meat cleaver… plus the all important blood splattered hockey mask! Standing at around 1″ tall, the authentic keshi-style rubber figure will be landing in our store over the next month (price tbc), but if you can’t wait (or are looking for different colours!), head over to the dedicated LRG thread here. Expect more news on our Nilla x Niku exclusives soon…


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