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MAN-E-FEATURE// The Deka Sneagator Claw from Eric Nilla…

With the release of the MAN-E-TOYS Nilla x Niku exclusives, plus our very own ‘Ed Skworm Vs. Min-E-Face 2 pack looming ever nearer, we’ve decided to take a closer look at another Eric Nilla creation, the Deka Sneagator Claw. Paying homage to the iconic M.U.S.C.L.E figure, Eric has perfectly recreated the claw in an oversized 4″ Deka format (check out the scaled up sprue “scars”… true attention to detail!) . Hand sculpted and cast in an authentic keshi style rubber, the Deka Sneagator Claw is still available in a wide variety of opaque and clear colours for just $35 plus shipping. Anyone interested in bagging the figure should hit Eric up through the dedicated Little Rubber Guys thread here


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