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MAN-E-NEWS// The Tiger(Wolf)Girl from FrankenFactory…

“WolfGirl took fate into her own hands and defeated the beast. Now she wears the pelt proudly as a message to all who hunt the vulnerable, torment the weak and seek to destroy. A warning that should be heeded…”

It appears that Shea Brittain of FrankenFactory is creating a number of new Wolf Girl resins for her latest series of one-off “Artist Specials”, the latest coming in the form of the beautiful Tiger(Wolf)Girl. Standing at an impressive 7″ tall, the stunning take on the classic Little Red Riding Hood theme has been hand cast in clear orange resin by MANA Studios, with Shea on hand with a variety of standard and metallic Monster Kolor sprays. No firm news on release dates or pricing (expect to pay upwards of $85), so your best bet is to stay locked on Shea’s twitter feed for more information… Can’t wait to grab a Wolf Girl? Then you’ll be glad to know that both FrankenFactory and TAG are stocking a wide variety of different colourways and editions right now.


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