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MAN-E-NEWS// B.U.F.F Max, B.U.F.F Face and the newly opened Muscle Things store…

As revealed here yesterday, Nama-Niku‘s Manzilla and Pteradact-Kill made their debut on the newly opened Muscle Things store, but what we neglected to mention is that they were joined by another 2 highly anticipated figures… B.U.F.F Max and Face! Sculpt and kit-bashed by prolific M.U.S.C.L.E customiser Halfaway from Little Rubber Guys, the figures (as with Nama-Niku’s) have been produced in limited quantities by Muscle Things’ Alec using a high quality flexible rubber. Still available to purchase alongside Pteradact-Kill here, the awesome little guys can be yours for just $21 a piece…


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