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MAN-E-NEWS// JC Rivera’s Condah Transporters at Toy Invaderz…

After teasing us with the Condah mini/skull drop a couple of weeks back (find out more here), JC Rivera proudly presents the full size Condah Transporters in all their glory! Created for the past weekend’s Toy Invaderz event , the series of hand sculpt and cast figures feature the same beautifully realised winged skull alongside Rivera’s signature Chicago Bull… now on top of some amazing looking bodies! Some of our favourite original figures from the Chicago based artist yet, the elongated arms, clean lines and (largely) mono-chromatic colour schemes are reminiscent of early Michael Lau. Unfortunately, these guys in particular were only available for the show, but anyone looking to pick one up will be glad to know that Rivera will be creating various editions for his store soon… Stay tuned tomorrow for the reveal of another special Condah Transporter- the MAN-E-TOYS DDLM skull one-off!


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