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MAN-E-NEWS// The “Bad Eggz Bunch” inspired Critters custom from Zectron…

What happens when you mix a lime green Critter inspired rubber monster with glow-in-the-dark putty goo and a hand sculpted eggshell?!”

Hot off the heals of our recent reveal of Zectron‘s debut toy, the “Critters” inspired mini-keshi (find out more here), we bring you a very special one-off custom inspired by one of our favourite cult 80’s toys… the “Bad Eggz Bunch”! Consisting of one lime green Crite, glow-in-the-dark putty, plus a beautifully sculpted egg shell, the figure has been encased within the goo ready for one lucky collector to smash open (if they can bring themselves to destroy such astounding craftsmanship!). Unfortunately due to the painstaking nature of creating these guys, this piece will remain a one-off… although from what we hear Zectron has planned for the packaging of future Critters, we’re sure no one will be complaining! Stay tuned for more info on said packaging, plus a look at Zectron’s next mini figure, the Bear God, set to drop through Amerikaiju’s H.A.C.K line soon…


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