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MAN-E-NEWS// Jason Freeny’s dissected Sucklord figure plus more SDCC reveals…

As part of the Sucklord‘s upcoming exhibition, Jason Freeny has been hard at work on a very special piece… the dissected Boba Fett bootleg! Featuring Freeny’s meticulous style scaled down to just 3.5″, the stunning 1/4 cut-out is due to be re-cast in a limited edition of just 50 pieces. No news on when or where the show (and release) will be happening, but Jason has stated that an announcement will be made at SDCC next week. Stay locked on his Facebook page here for further details…

The Sucklord at SDCC…

Joining the “Toy Whose Name We Cannot Speak” revealed earlier this week, DKE Toys will also be unveiling another 3 Sucklord figures at their SDCC booth (#4728). Continuing his recent foray into the Transformers universe, Rodimus Pride is the first bootleg from the Sucklord’s latest line, Gay Energon. Limited to 40 pieces, the figure is set to come blister carded with a price tag of $125 each. Yet another homo-centric release, the Gay Enterprise 2-pack answers one of the internet’s oldest questions… in a way only the Sucklord knows how! Coming in an edition of 30, the lovely couple can be yours for $150 a pair. Not to be outdone, the girls also get a look in with the release of Licorice Leslie… Limited to an edition of 70, the pink sprayed figures will be available for $45. Head over to the DKE Toys blog for a full reveal of all 3 releases soon…


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