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MAN-E-NEWS// Zombie, Yeti and Sick “Ick” resin figures from Milky Robot…

Jess Rollar over at Milky Robot kindly shares with us details of her latest resin figure, the adorable Ick! Unfortunately passing under our radar a couple of weeks back, the debut pink and neon green colourways went on to sell out within a matter of minutes… Well, the good news is that Jess is not the kind of person to rest on her laurels- the Arizona based artist already has another 3 variants ready for imminent release! Featuring a smoother re-moulded design, the hand cast and painted figures come in either Zombie (edition of 2), Sick or Yeti editions, limited to just 10 pieces in total. Due to go on sale for an estimated price of $40 plus shipping, expect to see the loveable creatures on the Milky Robot store today at 12pm Arizona Time…


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