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MAN-E-NEWS// The Skull Tattoos from Double Haunt…

Skull Tattoos are angry spirits created from a cursed tattoo machine in that dingy tattoo studio that you’ve heard bad things about…”

Previously teased here last month, Australian duo Double Haunt are proud to present their latest batch of “resin awesomeness”, the Skull Tattoos! Hand sculpt and cast in a variety of solid colours with flecks of darker pigment, the 2″ tall figures are available in 4 different Neo-Traditional inspired designs; Scary Skull, Skull and Roses, Serpent Skull and Flaming Skull. Limited to an edition of just 24, Double Haunt have also prepared a black chase which has been limited to just one of each design. Dropping on the Double Haunt store this Friday (July 27th) at 1pm UK time, the Tattoo Skulls come boxed with an original piece of mini art for just $20AUD plus shipping… To coincide with the main release, Double Haunt have also revealed that a one-off custom of each design will also be available on the day. Priced at just $30AUD, these little beauties won’t be around for long!


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