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MAN-E-NEWS// The CAPSL designer pill fob from Jason Freeny…

“For my first line of designer toys, I wanted to add function… Everything else out there is all about form, but CAPSLs are actually useful too. And I wanted to add a 4th dimension, since so much of what I do focuses on what’s inside; CAPSLs let you go inside and actually use that space to store things.” -Jason Freeny

As if the recently announced X-Ray Gummis weren’t enough (find out more here), “dissection master” Jason Freeny is proud to reveal yet another long awaited project now coming to fruition, the CAPSL designer “pill” fob keychains! Working alongside Jailbreak Collective’s FCTRY division, Freeny has produced a series of 12 original designs plus chases ranging from sweet (Flower Bomb) to zany (Frog Squid), that can be taken apart to either store small objects, or interchanged with other designs (FCTRY has stated there are well over 100 combinations!). Available from the official CAPSLs site now, the full series can be purchased for just $99 plus shipping (including a free limited edition Medicine Man figure), or individually for $7.99. FCTRY have promised several other new designs over the next few weeks, so be sure to stay tuned for more news as soon as it hits…


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