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MAN-E-NEWS// The “Uber-Ill” Thundercat custom from Hoakser…

Joining the recently featured Veteran (find out more here), UK graffiti artist Hoakser kindly shares with us his latest “Dominant Species” custom, the rather awesome Uber-Ill. Kit-bashed from one of Thundercats’ slightly more obscure characters, Cuber Bill the Robear Berbil (see what he did with the name?!!), the stunning figure comes with Hoakser’s usual high quality sculpting, modifying and faithful distressed paint job. Fitted with a fatcap head and flow pipe, Uber-Ill even has his own agitator… making him rattle like a spray can when you shake him! Due to touch down in the Hoakser store at 8pm London time tonight (Tuesday, July 31st), Uber-Ill will come priced at just £34.99 plus shipping…


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