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MAN-E-NEWS// “Mi Empire Loca” WIP from 2bitHACK…

It appears that 2012 will be the year of the Star Wars bootleg at DesignerCon this November, as alongside The Sucklord‘s Super Suck Up! show, 2bitHACK will also be debuting his latest line of mash-ups, Mi Empire Loca. We originally revealed the first figure in the series, Chewbacca Homes, a few weeks back, so it came with great pleasure this week to find the artist has already begun work on the second… a suit wearing Stormtrooper! Featuring a bootlegged action figure, vintage Stormtrooper head and some original sculpting, the piece is due for a purple silicone bath over the next couple of days- so be sure to stay tuned for a look at the first test pulls next week!

UPDATE// Since our post earlier today, 2bitHACK has kindly got back with a few more details (and a better shot!)… Due to come in a set of 3 hand cast resin figures, Chewbacca Homes will be joined by the above Vatotrooper, plus the newly revealed Prisoner # c3p0. Look out for a fully painted reveal soon…


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