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MAN-E-NEWS// “Treegar” action figure teaser from Bigman Toys…

Lee over at Bigman Toys kindly shares details on his latest extension to the MOTU universe, the provisionally titled Treegar… Taking a more serious approach than past Battle Gaze releases, Lee has begun work on a completely original sculpt that will be able to stand side-by-side with the original 5.5″ tall line. Although the full design won’t be revealed until closer to the release date, we’re able to show you a teaser of the leg sculpts so far… leaves you wanting more, doesn’t it?! Inspired by the Fright Zone playset, the stunning organic textures you see here will be running right through the figure, and judging by the top secret concept drawings we’ve seen so far, the best is yet to come! No news on a release date for this guy as of yet, it’s likely we won’t see him for a while- Lee intends to get the tree-beast 100% perfect before unleashing it on the public!


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