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MAN-E-NEWS// The Chop Suey Rejects 2: Reanimators from The Sucklord…

“Resurrected from the shit pile…”

Having already managing to shift a ton of crappy defected resin in the first Chop Suey Rejects sale last year, The Sucklord is about to pull the same cheap move again- with the announcement of round 2! Set to drop in the Suckadelic store at some point this week, the latest batch of colour tests, broken figures, miss-castings and random junk have be cobbled together to create one of the artist’s most cynical and money-grabbing series yet- awesome! Consisting of toys from projects past, present and future (!), judging by the posted pic it appears that rejects from the recent Karate Chumps, Gay Energon, Occupy Cybertron and MicroSexual Suck-Peg lines will all feature… Be sure to stay locked on the Suckadelic twitter feed for release details in the next few days.


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