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MAN-E-NEWS// Ironmask’s new Gorewad Monster sculpts revealed…

Joining the Horsemen inspired Universe of Violence Series 2 figure revealed last week (find out more here), Ironmask of Ironhaus Productions proudly presents his latest batch of Gorewad Monster sculpts! Intended as a micro companion series to the main UoV figures, the second round come even grosser, twisted and disgusting than the last! At the moment the group consists of 7 different sculpts (the original orange Diet Hell Turtle has been included for comparison), but Ironmask hopes to whittle this down to 3 with your help- Anyone interested in having their say should head over to the Ironhaus blog here, where any comments or suggestions are more than welcome… No news as of yet with regards to a firm release date, but we’re guessing they’ll be heading over to Eric Nilla alongside Ironmask’s UoV Series 2 entries for production soon.


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