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MAN-E-NEWS// The Rejects & Chop Suey 2 from The Sucklord…

Arriving a little later than expected, The Sucklord‘s latest cynical cash-in, the Rejects Series 2, are finally available in the Suckstore! Consisting of miss-casts, colour tests and other random crap hobbled together to create the Frankentein-esque monsters you see before you, the Rejects 2 features parts from many of The Sucklord’s work, past, present and future (!), including Liquorice Lesley, Gay Energon, Occupy Cybertron and Karate Chumps. Limited to 90 pieces, the blister carded figures are available for the princely sum of $85 each… Looking for something even crappier than the Rejects? Well your in luck, as last year’s Chop Suey has also made a reappearance! Coming packaged in a pint-sized takeaway container, the latest batch of Chop Suey contains all of the strange, bottom-of-the-Barrel resin scraps not even good enough to be resurrected as a figure… Priced at just $50 per box, The Sucklord has included a pair of Suckadelic chop sticks to help soften the blow of buying such utter rubbish!


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