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MAN-E-NEWS// The “Imagination is King” and “Spectra” Elephantos from Turbopistola…

“The Defender of Leisure has returned to wage war on circumstance and responsibility. Your ally, my ally. Who else will defend our right to do as we choose, when all we choose to do is absolutely nothing?”

After a brief hiatus, Turbopistola is back once again with another two Elephantos drops, the awesome “Imagination is King” and “Spectra” editions… Cast in a variety of beautiful clear tints including the aptly named Fire, Banana, Sweet Lime, Bottom Feeder, Berry and Smoke Duece, each Spectra Elephantos has been finished with contrasting detailing, and a hearty coat of Monster Kolor gloss for that candy shine! Limited to just 15 (some colours being more rare than others), the figures are due to come bagged with a hand-stamped header for $25 plus shipping… Taking inspiration from childhood memories, the “Imagination is King” Elephantos is the latest to be granted a weapon accessory… this time in the form of a (resin cast) wooden sword! Limited to just 5 pieces this time around (with only 3 available for sale), the figures come with Turbopistola’s signature brushed and rubbed paint job, each with a different coloured band on their pants. Packaged in a custom built lino cut box, the Imagination is King Elephantos will be joining the Spectra’s in the Turbopistola store tomorrow (Monday, 20th August) at 10am Central time for $35 plus shipping…


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