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MAN-E-NEWS// New Rivet Wars protos from Ted Terranova…

After months of agonising waiting, it would appear that the next batch of Rivet Wars figures are nearly ready to go as Ted Terranova reveals 3 new sculpts! Joining the MonoWheel we posted a while back, Ted has been concentrating on the vehicular side of the series with the introduction of the “Walker” and an all-new steam powered boat/tank alongside the highly anticipated  “Rocket Bike”. Blowing even the highly detailed Quad Stug out of the water in terms of complexity, it’ll be interesting to see how Ted tackles the casting on these guys… we’re guessing it’ll involve a hell of a lot of assembly and post production! News on release dates and proposed editions are still forthcoming (although our money is on a certain Small Angry Monster getting involved on custom duties at some point!), so be sure to stay tuned over the coming weeks for further developments.

Thanks to SpankyStokes for the heads up…


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