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MAN-E-NEWS// The Killer Bootlegs Artist Series: “Blackbook” Edition Art-Too…

Originally released to huge fan fare last month (find out more here), the awesome Art-Too figure from Killer Bootlegs and UK graffiti artist Hoakser has returned… this time sporting it’s very own Artist Series! Created to coincide with Black Friday this week, KB’s Peter Wheatstraw Goral enlisted the talents of some of the low-brow art scene’s finest, including graffiti writers, stencil/street artists, tattoo artists, and screen printers, each creating unique one-off backing cards for the vintage R2D2/fatcap resin mash-up. Taking inspiration from graffiti, hip-hop and of course, Star Wars, the 16 different designs were sprayed, painted, sketched and stenciled using standard KB cardbacks screen printed by Pirate Ninja. Due to touch down exclusively in the Tenacious Toys store this Friday (November 23rd), each one-of-a-kind piece will set you back $75 plus shipping…

The huge artist line-up is as follows… Cash Cannon, Corey Hagburg , Dan Moorman, Eddie Fajardo, Emmanuel L White Eagle, James Ford, Jarrod Hennis, John Santagada, Joseph Goral, Laurence Barr, Manny Tang, Michael Lara, Ryan Lape, and Nasty Neil of Wasted Talent.

Original package designer Hoakser has also created an additional 2 cardback designs, but due to international shipping issues these will be available at a later date…


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