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MAN-E-NEWS// The ‘Ewoking Dead’ and ‘David’ resins from Killer Bootlegs…


Unfortunately missing out on the full release whilst we were away, we nevertheless bring you details of Killer Bootlegs‘ latest figures, the Ewoking Dead! Based on the illustration by Jonathan Fallon (of the same name), the figure has been booted from a vintage “Teebo” Ewok figure, coming with an array of gruesome sculpted zombie guts and brains. Cast in resin by KB’s Peter Wheatstraw Goral, each figure was then flocked in 3 different colourways, hand painted and given a real cloth cowl. Available in a strictly limited run, the Ewoking Dead can be found on the KB store now for just $40 plus shipping…


As well as the awesome AMC/Star Wars send up, Killer Bootlegs have also been in cahoots with Man-E-Toys favourite themarkultra for a very special release of the recently featured “Dave” bootleg. Essentially creating a whole new piece from the awesome astronaut mash-up, Killer Bootlegs’ iteration, entitled ‘David’ is apparently “the result of Dave having flown his spaceship through a field of ‘Cosmic Radiation’. His DNA was combined with the DNA of an onboard test subject/pet iguana, Iggy. He was transformed into a monstrous form. Lizard arms and legs ripped through his spacesuit and his brain chemistry was altered in a way that he now roams the universe with an appetite for destruction and death..”- hilarious! Finished in a vivid selection of neon and metallic Monster Kolor, ‘David’ should hopefully be available in the KB store soon (that’s if he hasn’t already sold out!)…

MAN-E-XCLUSIVE// Killer Bootlegs H.U.S.T.L.E Artist Series test shot revealed…


As a few of you are surely aware, Peter “Killer Bootlegs” Goral is one of the many artist enlisted in our upcoming H.U.S.T.L.E Artist Series… well today we exclusively reveal to you his entry- as a full production test shot! Featuring the head of a mini Jaba meticulously kit-bashed onto the #087: Magnitude Ichiman M.U.S.C.L.E, the figure will be cast up in a flesh-tone rubber for the general release (the pictured ‘test-shot pink’ has been held back for an exclusive edition in January- more news soon!). Currently looking for fans to help name his ingenius Star Wars mash-up, head over to Peter’s Facebook here if you fancy getting involved…


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