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MAN-E-NEWS// Ian the Sewer Creep ‘Stand Up Guys’ micro-run from Coma21 x Hellopike…


“Ian has been feeling ill. But when a creep feels ill he gets a little purple in the face. Must be all those nachos, twizzlers and slurpees he’s been eating. Oh well, the skate or die lifestyle was never meant to be pretty…”

Mikee Riggs aka Coma21 comes with the latest micro-run of Ian the Sewer Creep sofubis, as he reveals the worse-for-wear ‘Stand Up Guys’… Cast in a soft black vinyl and hand sprayed by Hellopike, the super-limited batch of 6 figures are joined by a rather sweet looking double tentacled chase. Priced at a very reasonable $60 plus shipping (the same price as the original blanks!), the ‘Stand Up Guys’ will be rearing their ugly heads in the ToysAreSanity store today (March 7th) at 3pm PST…


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