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MAN-E-NEWS// The “Infection” Galaxxor from Galaxxor x The Godbeast x Onell Design…

godbeast galaxxor

With C2E2 just around the corner, Marty “Godbeast” Hansen reveals the first of many exclusive collaborations he’s been feverishly working away on for the event, as he proudly presents the “Infection” Galaxxor… Featuring the same incredible Glyos-style head sculpt from Onell Design‘s Matt Doughty that featured in last year’s exclusive, the stunning 5.5″ neo-vintage action figure has been cast in The Godbeast’s signature “Infection” colourway, a deep clear red. No news with regards to pricing or edition size as of yet, so be sure to stay locked on both the Godbeast and Galaxxor twitter feeds for updates closer to the event.


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