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MAN-E-NEWS// ‘Mystical Warriors of the Ring’ C2E2 release information…


With C2E2 and an imminent debut just around the corner, the guys behind upcoming wrestling mini figure line ‘Mystical Warriors of the Ring‘ have finally revealed the full contents of the first limited edition box set… and boy are we in for a treat! Featuring the 2″ Ulric Wolfrom and 2.3″ ‘giant’ Goliath cast in resin by Marty ‘Godbeast‘ Hansen, the C2E2 exclusive package also comes with a 2″ scaled wrestling ring with UV resistant mat and GID ropes, fabric ring apron, plastic ladder, set of trading cards, a b/w mini comic, commemorative event ticket and clamshell box! Priced at an extremely reasonable $50, the set will be available in either metallic green/purple, Aztek gold or thermal colour changing Green-Yellow… Head over to the dedicated blog here for a comprehensive Q&A for the full lowdown.


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