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MAN-E-NEWS// FUK Series 1 trading cards from RenoneLab…


So, not completely toy-related on this one, but anything Garbage Pail Kid related deserves a slot on Man-E-Toys, right?! Inspired by the classic 80’s trading card series’ resurgence in recent years (no doubt helped by Buff Monster’s Melty Misfits, and of course the newly announced Cheap Toy comeback!), artist Renone is proud to announce his debut trading card/sticker series, the strictly adult-only FUK: Fucked Up Kids! Featuring a total of 12 artists including Man-E-Toys regulars Tim Stephson (Ultimate Skull and Cobra) and Don Chulo (Playful Gorilla), the 12 standard designs will be joined by a number of ‘chase’ cards including prismatic prints, plus a one-off ticket offering the lucky holder a chance to appear as a character in Series 2! Up for pre-order through the RenoneLab store right here, packs are currently being offered up for $10, whilst an uncut sheet featuring all of the designs is available for just $25… Stay tuned for a full reveal soon!


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