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MAN-E-NEWS// Skinner’s Mansons of the Universe: Charlor Rises custom bootleg for SDCC ’13…

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 13.00.52

Having previously worked with the likes of ManOrMonster? Studios and Galaxxor on a number of neo-vintage figure releases, the legendary Skinner finally throws his hat into the ring with his first ever custom bootleg release… Mansons of the Universe: Charlor Rises! Based on the infamous criminal Charles Manson, the hilarious figure has been kit-bashed from a vintage MOTU 5.5″, featuring an all-new life like head sculpt (complete with face tattoo!). Cast in resin with cloth cape, wrist guards and plastic medallion, each figure has been given a unique blend of psychedelic sprays, adorned with black, hand drawn symbology. Due to come packed in a ‘nice ass’ blister, the figures will be making their debut at DKE’s SDCC both next month for $150 each… Stay tuned for the official reveal soon!


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