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MAN-E-NEWS// The Breaking Baddie custom bootlegs from Falcon Toys…


Mike Woods of the newly formed Falcon Toys kindly shares details on his debut custom bootleg series, the Breaking Baddies! Kicking things off with ‘Zuck the Product’, a loyal protocol droid by day and underground ‘chemist’ at night, the hilarious Heisenberg inspired series is due to feature a number of 3.75″ kit-bashes, with a total of 6 already in the works! Cast by Woods in clear resin, the first run of Zucks have been sprayed and dyed in a number of different one off colours, coming bagged with header card featuring the character’s unique backstory. Priced at $30 plus shipping, Zuck can be found on the Flacon Toys store right here. Stay tuned for info on the next 2 releases, Krush and Cosmonaut, later this week!


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