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MAN-E-NEWS// The HUGE August “Made 2 Order” Disarticulator sale…


You guys may have read about it elsewhere already, but today we bring you the official lowdown on our huge August “Made 2 Order” sale! With most of our Disarticulator figures only seeing releases as limited exclusives, we’ve decided to offer them all up one last time in a whole slew of unreleased colours…

color chart final 2

Featuring fan favourite, the Critter, alongside Kesh-E-Face, Higekami, and for the first time, the whole of the Tiny Terrors series as singles, the motley crew will also be joined by the general release of both Wave 1 & 2 of the Disarticulator x Ironhaus Pro H.O.R.D.E mini series. Up for grabs starting this Friday, August 2nd at 9pm London time over at the Man-E-Toys store, pre-orders will be running right through until the end of August. Pricing options won’t be revealed on the store until early tomorrow, but we can confirm that a number of figures will be receiving cheaper “bagged and headed” options for those looking to get more mini figure for their money!

manzilla blog final

But that’s not all… To kick things off in style, we’ll also be offering up this stunning 1/1 Deka Manzilla test shot! Revealed here yesterday, the figure will mark the first in our Deka H.U.S.T.L.E series coming later this year. Designed/kit-bashed by Nama Niku, the 5 inches of wacky bootleg goodness has been cast in a light blue rubber by our very own Tru:Tek for this one-off preview release, priced at just $30 plus shipping… Stay tuned for more info on the full release later this month!


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