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MAN-E-NEWS// The Batmono bootleg figure from Tone Tank…


Tone Tank proudly presents his latest custom bootleg release, Batmono! Half man, half bat, half ape, and with a seemingly super-human power to defy mathematics (!), the figure was originally created as a one-off piece for a recent show, now seeing the light of day as a fully fledged resin figure. Inspired by a trip to Mexico, Batmono follows a similar aesthetic to Tone Tank’s original figure “Space Gorilla”, featuring intentionally crude sculpting, a simple black and white paint scheme, plus the all-important yellow vinyl cape- a common staple of all the best bootlegs from south of the border! Standing at 5.5″ tall, the figure has been limited to 50 pieces this time around, priced at $60 plus shipping. Check him out in the Scumlife store right here


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