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MAN-E-NEWS// The Breaking Bastards resin lucha bootlegs from Scraped Resin…


To commemorate the anxiously anticipated finale of Breaking Bad, Scraped Resin is releasing a limited run of Battling Bastard resin bootleg figures! The newly titled “Breaking” Bastards are set to feature Ultimate Carlos and Mixtape in both 96% pure blue crystal and cooking-suit yellow resins, with each handmade, magnetically-articulated figure coming fully carded with resealable plastic bubbles. Sold blind-bagged for just $50 each, the edition of 4 will be touching down in the Scraped Resins store today (9/27) at Noon Pacific time… But that’s not all! The highly requested El Cabroncito will also be making his return, with a run of 8 blind-bagged figures in random colours and new headers also releasing later today.  The first edition sold out in less than 24 hours, and priced at only $25 apiece, these won’t be around for long!



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