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MAN-E-BITESIZE// Skinner x Unbox Industries’ Lolgolth Gnazgoroth NYCC reveal…



Lolgolth Gnazgoroth the head that holds the horror..
The illuminated one, he who knows the truth of the parallel realm..

“Following the brilliant working relationship we (Unbox Industries) had with Skinner we wanted to keep the momentum and start work on a series of new projects. After some consultation, Skinner proposed a series of characters for a new “Skinner Universe” series. Three characters are already in development for release in 2014 but Lolgolth Gnazgoroth really pushed the Unbox team like never before. “Lolly” took over three months to develop under close consultation with Skinner, the digital model is our most complicated sculpt ever. With nearly 2gb of digital data, Lolly managed to break the state of the art rapid printer we use!

Lolly will be available for pre order online in 2014 but Dan from Unbox will be with Skinner at The Critical Hit booth at NYCC this coming Saturday. Unfortunately we only have a very rough, unfinished PU cast of Lolgolth as we ran out of time & we did not want to risk moving the incredibly expensive rapid print!”

[Press taken directly from Unbox]


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