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MAN-E-NEWS// The V.e.r.a 1 ‘self aware exploration rover’ from polyopticsLABs…


One of the best things about walking around the Block at NYCC was witnessing the huge selection of amazing figures from artists that we’d never been exposed to before, with one such example (easily the most impressive in our opinion!) coming from Triplikid colleague, polyopticsLABs… the breathtaking V.e.r.a 1 robot! Truly a wonder to behold, the beautifully detailed creation comes with over 30 individually produced and assembled parts, working lights in the eyes and main radar body, a meticulous hand painted weathered colour scheme, PLUS the pièce de résistance… a fully removable head access panel to display the figure’s inner workings! With the initial batch of 8 selling out at NYCC, polyopticsLABs’ Brian Anderson has just revealed that preorders for the figure are now up for grabs through the dedicated store for just $135 plus shipping- an unbelievable price when you actually get to see the work that’s gone into them in person! Painstakingly handcrafted one at a time, purchasers can expect to wait a maximum of 120 days for delivery, a small price to pay for such a awesome creation…

“The V.e.r.a.1 is designed to excel in dynamic scenarios by rapidly adapting to unknown environments. Instinctual behavior blended with artificial intelligence, controlled by our on board systems, translates into a truly interactive operating experience. When initialized and adequately powered, the V.e.r.a.1 will process information in the environment and intelligently respond to stimuli. In that state it will directly experience perceptions, sensations, and thoughts…”



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