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MAN-E-NEWS// The Rampage Toys post-Design Fiesta 38 sale…

rampage df2

Offering up a huge selection of customs and original sofubi at Design Fiesta 38 over the weekend, Jon Malmstedt over at Rampage Toys has just revealed the leftovers that’ll be heading to the online store! Currently available to newsletter subscribers first (sign up here if you haven’t already!), any remaining pieces will be up for grabs at some point tomorrow. Here’s a little rundown of what you can expect… (Click through for more pics after the jump!)

Mini Many-me customs// Taking on Pop Soda’s awesome Many-me figure, Jon has 2 customs available to purchase, featuring either a red or green face for just $50 each.

Cupcake Guts UU//  Featuring a clear turquoise cast Ugly Unicorn, each of these ingenious figures has been fitted with a cupcake head inside! Priced at $35 each, these have been limited to just a couple of pieces.

Painted Dinos// A number of different painted sets are up for grabs, cast in a mix of yellow, clear green and black soft vinyl. Available alongside a whole host of singles, the figures have been priced at just $15 each, or $45 for the sets.

Dogosaurs// Jon has 2 of these bronto body/t-rex head mash-ups left. Painted in pink and purple striped sprays, they’ve been priced at just $15 each.

Cyclops Dino sets// All 3 dino sofubis make a return in both blank yellow and clear turquoise cast soft vinyl!  Available in super-limited numbers, the set comes in at $35.

Painted Gachapon Goblin Micros//  One painted micro UU and a few painted “Batboys” and “Slimeface” (Joseph Harmon’s characters) remain. Complete with a ton of sprays and brush work from Jon, these little dudes have been priced at $15 a piece.

Gachapon Goblin Micros// Cast in a pretty mint green soft vinyl, Jon is offering up the full set of unpainted Gachapon Goblins for just $50 all in- that’s a total of 7 figures PLUS the cupcake head!

Painted X-ray Uamous// The latest iteration of the ever popular Rampage x Uamou collab, the clear cast Uamou sofubis come painted with an acetate insert created by Jon. Priced at $40, each figure includes a painted Boo.

Madball of Death// The RAMPAGE exclusive neon green ball with pink insert returns for one final run! Priced at just $50 each, these are available in super-limited quantities.

rampage df


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